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Continuing Education Series

The purpose of our Prosthetics and Orthotics for Therapists™ continuing education course series is to provide continuing education credits for therapists in New Jersey by presenting courses on various aspects of upper and lower extremity prosthetics. Cost Effective. There is no cost. You can't get more cost effective than that! Series presented by Peter Buffington, CPO/LPO.

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  1. Prosthetic Overview 

  2. Transtibial Prosthetics 

  3. Transfemoral Prosthetics

  4. Lower Extremity Prosthetic Functional Level Prediction & Outcomes Measurement

  5. Upper Extremity Prosthetics

  6. Lower Extremity Prosthetic Gait Training

  7. Lower Extremity Prosthetic Gait Deviations

  8. Partial Foot / Symes / Knee Disarticulation / Hip Disarticulation

  9. Microprocessor Controlled Knees

  10. Prosthetics & Dermatology

  11. Upper Limb Prosthetic Outcomes


  1. Lower Extremity Orthotics Overview: Part One

  2. Lower Extremity Orthotics Overview: Part Two

  3. Upper Extremity Orthotics Overview

  4. Spinal Orthotics Overview

  5. Orthotic Clinical Decision Making: Ankle Foot Orthoses

  6. Pediatric Orthoses

Here’s what some of our attendees had to say...

Lower Extremity Prosthetics Functional Level Prediction and Outcome Measurement – 2/25/16

“Excellent Presentation!”


Prosthetic Overview – 2/4/16

“Excellent class.”


Transtibial Prosthetics – 2/11/16

“Contained both experience and research.”


Prosthetic Overview – 1/7/16

”Thank you – can‘t wait for the next one!”


Continuing Education Attendees
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